Our sundial at your location

How would a sundial with our design look like at the front of your house, in your garden or at your geographic location? Try it out with this simulation and experiment a little bit with the settings!

By the way, this sundial really works.. Keep your browser window open and observe the movement of the simulated shadow.

Geographical coordinates of the installation site

negative = southern hemisphere, positive = northern hemisphere
negative = west, positive = east

Orientation of the dial plate

-90.0 = east, 0.0 = south, +90.0 = west, +-180.0 = north
0.0 = vertical, 90.0 = horizontal



  • The displayed time is taken from the computer clock. This time is also used for the legend on the hourlines according to you local time zone. The simulated sundial will therefore always display the local time (UTC + time zone) of the displaying computer even if the configured geographical coordinates of the fictious installation site belong to a different time zone.
  • This simulation is designed for illustrative purposes and for experimentation. It is not meant to be a blueprint for actual construction. An algorithm tries to automatically find a suitable section of the full possible scale according to the configured parameters, and to place it properly on the simulated dial plate. The algorithm is rather primitive and won't produce visually appealing results for more challenging combinations of the parameters. It can by no means be a replacement for proper design by a talented human.
  • For some combinations of the parameters no scale on the dial plate can be calculated because for the user specified parameter settings the nodus will not cast a shadow on the dial plate for mor than one full hour (e.g. polar night).
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